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The Norwich-Dedza Partnership helps to establish links between schools in Norfolk and Dedza. This enables pupils to share information to learn about each other's lives and cultures and to understand development and environmental issues. For the schools in the UK, such a link, with its level of direct contact and detail, provides a reality to the learning process. The schools are also able to assist their Dedza partner schools by providing useful resources and fundraising. Schools can apply for a DFID funded Connecting Classrooms grant that enables teachers from Norfolk and Dedza to visit each others' schools.

Bolera Primary School

Bolera Primary School

Fairhaven School UK

Fairhaven School UK


Mcheneka Primary School

School linked are -

Primary and Nursery
Aldburgh with Denton  Ngoni LEA
Aslacton & Manor Field  Mua RC
Avenue Junior  Bolera-Chiwina
Earlham Nursery  Happy Children Nursery
Fairhaven  Mtendere
Grove House  Msekeni
Horsford  Chilanga
Nightingale  Kaphuka
Reepham  Tapezana
Swallowtail Cluster  Kapalamula

Framingham Earl Umbwi


National and local assistance is available to schools interested in setting up a link with a school in Dedza.

The Norfolk-Dedza School Links is a sub-group of the Norwich-Dedza Partnership. Volunteers provide information and teaching materials for schools, carry out sessions in the schools and organise meetings for schools to share ideas and experience. They also assist schools in applying for related grants.

The British Council's Connecting Classrooms programme provides advice, guidance, professional development opportunities and grants to schools that are using partnerships to develop a global dimension within their curriculum. Extensive information is available in the website


If in any year there are no reciprocal visits between schools, volunteers from the Norfolk-Dedza School Links arrange for project work to be done in the Norfolk Schools. A volunteer takes this work to Dedza and visits the partner schools where the same work is carried out. The results are brought back to the Norfolk schools.

The Dedza schools have formed a committee to co-ordinate their activities. When the UK visitors are in Dedza, a one-day conference is arranged for teacher representatives from all the linked schools.

Support is also given to Umbwi Secondary School. It has copied the initiative at Framingham Earl School to form an anti-bullying club for students. We have made arrangements to buy sets of washable sanitary pads to make it easier for girls to attend classes. We are helping the school to raise funds for a girls' dormitory.